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Yellowstone National Park Map

We have lived next to Yellowstone National Park for about twenty years. For much of that time we have wanted to make a Yellowstone trail map, but were afraid to compete with all the other maps out there. To even consider making an additional map, we figured it would have to be the best Yellowstone map ever. We think we have made that map.

This map shows the entire park, with detailed maps for the Mammoth Hot Springs, Tower / Roosevelt, Canyon, and Old Faithful areas. It includes descriptions for ten dayhikes, written by our friend Keri, who is a former Yellowstone Ranger. It also includes descriptions for four mountain bike rides on dirt roads within the park.

This is the only locally made Yellowstone trail map. We think that makes a difference, and hope you will see that it does.

SCALE 1:113,730 (detail maps 1:63,360)
CONTOUR INTERVAL 100 feet (detail maps 50 feet)
SIZE UNFOLDED 25.2 x 39.2 inches
SIZE FOLDED 4.2 x 8.0 inches

Weight3.0 oz
Dimensions8 × 5 × .5 in