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Yellowstone National Park Map by Xplorer Maps, rolled

Beautifully hand drawn, lettered and colored in the artist’s unique and masterful old world style, this pictorial map print of Yellowstone National Park captures many of the natural elements that make it such an unforgettable place.  Detailed vignettes of the local wildlife, flowers, waterfalls and geo-thermal features, interspersed among the mountain peaks, valleys, rivers and lakes create a work of art that will educate and enchant for years to come.

Xplorer Maps chose the world’s first National Park – Yellowstone, to debut the new line of National Park map illustrations. Released in March, 2010, the Yellowstone National Park map highlights the unique geothermal features of the region (including Old Faithful), outlines the integral Native American history, captures the story of the park’s official designation and details the region’s most studied fauna.

All Xplorer Maps products are printed on heavy-duty 80 lb. cover stock and come packaged in attractive, unique and sturdy “illustrated tubes” that make traveling with and shipping these art prints extremely convenient and safe.

All Xplorer Maps products are HAND-DRAWN, HAND-LETTERED illustrations crafted by internationally renowned artist Chris Robitaille using his antique, old-world style intended to pay homage to the early cartographers. To learn more about the process and his exquisite original oil paintings, please visit WWW.ROBITAILLEPAINTINGS.COM.

Weight16.0 oz
Dimensions26.0 × 6.0 × 6.0 in