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Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Map, Logan and Ogden Ranger Districts

The Forest name, Wasatch, pays tribute to an important group whose survival and livelihood depended on the resources found in the forest. Long before Europeans arrived, Shoshoni and Ute Indians lived in the valleys where fish and game were abundant. Early mountain men, trappers and explorers began to arrive in the 1820s. Wasatch is a Ute Indian word meaning “low place in high mountains.” Uinta is a Native American word meaning “pine tree” or “pine forest.” And Cache is a French word referring to the caves used by trappers to hide their furs.

There can be an adventure waiting around every turn as you explore the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forests. The National Forest along the Wasatch Front is a natural water reservoir for Salt Lake Valley residents and visitors. Some restrictions apply to seven canyons within the Salt Lake City watershed.

Skiers find the “greatest snow on earth” here. Fluffy, dry powder falls for nearly six months a year, creating a winter paradise. There are several major ski resorts within the Forest, and many opportunities for cross-country skiing throughout the forest.

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest map of Logan and Ogden Ranger Districts contains the latest recreation and travel information to guide you through this magnificent area. The waterproof and tear-resistant map contains contour lines, major ownership and is at a scale of 1/2 inch to the mile. It offers historic information and guidance for boaters, floaters, campers, hikers and winter recreationists. For more information, all the ranger district offices’ and related agencies’ numbers are easily found.

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