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The Pacific Northwest – (24″ x 36″) laminated


This remarkable map that shows the entire Pacific Northwest stretching from Anchorage to San Francisco and inland to the central plains of Canada and the United States gives some sense to the scale and vastness of the mountains and rivers that encompass the region. Rendered in classic Raven style, one can almost feel the extreme variations of elevation and climate represented by this one image.

Labeling is limited to major rivers and cities.  Scale: 1 inch equals 69 miles.


  • Primary and secondary rivers named
  • Full-color topographic map
  • Shows the original distribution of the coastal temperate rain forest (Copper River to Eel River)

Printed in Seattle, Washington USA on quality recycled paper.

Weight15.0 oz
Dimensions24.0 x 6.0 x 6.0 in