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San Pedro Parks Wilderness Map

The San Pedro Parks Wilderness Map produced by the US Forest Service contains the most up-to-date information on access roads, trails, campsites, terrain, and points of interest within the San Pedro Wilderness. All wilderness maps contain contour lines, a topographic quad index andcontact phone numbers, and the vast majority contain planning tips anddescriptions of the terrain.

Although the elevation averages 10,000 feet above sea level, San Pedro Parks Wilderness is bereft of the usual dramatic peaks and picturesque cliffs. Instead, expect high, relatively moist, rolling mountaintops with numerous meadows and large grassy “parks.” Dense stands of Engelmann spruce and mixed conifers compete for space with small stands of aspen. Clear streams wander through the forest openings and rarely send trout-seeking anglers away empty-handed. Frequent rainfall in July and August enables the meadows to flourish with bluegrass, oat grass, sedge, rush, and the extravagant Rocky Mountain iris, only to be covered with snow come November. Campsites with abundant water appeal to backpackers, as do the nine major trails.

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