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Rocky Mountain Natural History; Grand Teton to Jasper

If I could own just ten books for the rest of my life, this guide to love of nonhuman neighbors would be one of them.” – David James Duncan, author of The Brothers K and My Story as Told by Water.

From majestic conifers to mosses and lichens, from grizzly bears to salamanders, from cutthroat trout to pine beetles, Rocky Mountain Natural History offers a new approach to the concept of a field guide. Not only fun to read, it is infused with humor, passion, and lyricism. Author Daniel Mathews provides in-depth scientific information, informed by a broad array of current research. He covers a thousand species of plants, animals, fish, and insects found in the Rocky Mountains and discusses the geology, weather, and historic naturalist-explorers of the region. Includes information about Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Alberta, and British Columbia.

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