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Roadside History of Utah

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“This book is just the ticket for history buffs exploring the state, a real Baedeker to toss into the car. But it is also well worth the reading while only cruising about in your favorite armchair.” –Signals from Telegraph Hill

Roadside History of Utah takes readers on a journey through time as it follows the state’s highways, vividly portraying the determined people who faced the challenges of making a home in Utah. Readers will meet them all: the native peoples, early explorers and traders, Mormon pioneers, miners and ranchers, and even today’s developers.

In addition to detailing the state’s major historical events, author Cindy Bennett displays a love of Utah that casts a warm glow on her accounts of tiny settlements taking root and growing into amiable towns like Pleasant Grove, whose main landmark today is a hamburger joint called the Purple Turtle, and Richmond, home of Utah’s first evaporated-milk factory. Bennett relates stories such as the terror of Bear Lake, where for years a 75-foot monster was believed to lurk until it was discovered that the disturbance in the water were caused by local cattle. These, and many more tales, are the compelling stories of Utah’s exceptional people.

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