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Rattlesnake Wilderness and Missoula Map

This map covers the Entire Rattlesnake Wilderness and the prime recreation areas around Missoula.


  • Entire Rattlesnake Wilderness
  • Rattlesnake National Recreation Area
  • Pattee Canyon National Recreation Area
  • Blue Mountain National Recreation Area
  • Gold Creek area
  • Missoula Open Space


  • Topographic / Shaded Relief
  • Forested and non-forested areas
  • GPS verified trail locations and mileages
  • 1:40,000 Scale with four 1:19,000 inset maps
  • Contour interval: 100 feet
The Rattlesnake Wilderness and Missoula map is printed on waterproof, tear-proof plastic.
Weight2.0 oz
Dimensions8.0 × 4.0 in