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Idaho Road & Recreation Atlas by Benchmark

Idaho’s boundless recreational opportunities and beautifully varied scenery comes into precise focus on every page of the Benchmark Idaho Road & Recreation Atlas. Over 50,000 copies have been sold since its introduction in 2005…a level of acceptance that has made this atlas one of the most successful Idaho map products ever. The improvements in the second edition insure its continued success. Benchmark’s field-checked Landscape Maps™ now show ground-cover detail at a very high resolution.

It’s easy to see, at a glance, whether an area is forested, cultivated, lava flow, or scrubland. This feature is ideal for the person who wants to know the most about an area being visited beforehand. Benchmark has extensively revised the Boise area metro map and the Recreation Guide has been thoroughly updated. Of course, the atlas still has all of the features people love: page-to-page overlap, a usable GPS grid, and legendary field-checked accuracy.

Idaho Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas is for people who need an authoritative reference to the natural beauty, culture, and history of the American West. Nowhere else will the camper, boater, traveler, or armchair explorer find a more comprehensive guide and travel companion.

Every atlas contains a wealth of factual information, including locations, web sites, hours, and phone numbers for campgrounds, natural wonders, museums, historic sites, and more. The data is field checked then organized for convenience and intuitive ease of use. Benchmark’s leadership status in state atlas publishing is your assurance that you’ll find cartographic and editorial excellence within the covers.

Map Scales:
Recreation Maps 1:800,000 (1″ = 12.6 miles).
Landscape Maps 1:250,000 (1″ = 4 miles).
Metro Maps 1:120,000 (1″ = 1.9 miles).

Page Size = 11″ X 16″



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