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Hiking Safely in Grizzly Country

When it comes to encountering grizzly bears in the wild, Montanan Tim Rubbert has literally walked the walk with hundreds of bears. Unlike other books about hiking in grizzly country, this book uses photographs of Rubbert’s actual bear encounters to dramatically illustrate how to react safely. Every hiker will benefit from these first-hand, real-world lessons.

Learn about how to hike and camp safely where bears live. Drawing on his numerous observations of grizzly bears in Yellowstone and Glacier national parks, and in Alaska and Canada, Rubbert describes specific hiking practices that he uses to avoid dangerous encounters. Rubbert s remarkable photographs of grizzly bears on and near popular hiking trails vividly illustrate the value of his safe hiking methods, and he explains how to react if you do see a bear. If you want to hike in grizzly country with more safety and confidence, learn and use the proven hiking strategies in this book. Tim Rubbert is also the author of Hiking with Grizzlies: Lessons Learned. He has hiked more than 40,000 miles in grizzly country and experienced more than 2,400 grizzly sightings.

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