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Hiking Grand Canyon Loops

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Lace up your boots and head into some of the most rugged and isolated country in the world, where the rewards of backcountry hiking are limitless. Hike along the rim, descend into chasms, find clear-running streams springing from rocks, and camp along the Colorado River. Veteran Grand Canyon hiker George Steck outlines nine extended off-trail loop hikes ranging from five to twelve days, and he suggests ways to create many more hikes. Use Hiking Grand Canyon Loops for finding, carrying, and conserving water; performing well in desert heat; nutrition, including recipes; route finding and hiking time between landmarks. If you are ready for an adventure, this book will give you the personal observations, detailed route descriptions, topographic maps, and sound advice you need to plan a safe, extended trip in the Grand Canyon backcountry. (b&w photos, maps, graphs, charts)

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