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Granite Mountain Wilderness Map

The Granite Mountain Wilderness Map produced by the US Forest Service contains the most up-to-date information on access roads, trails, campsites, terrain, and points of interest within the Granite Mountain Wilderness. All wilderness maps contain contour lines, a topographic quad index and contact phone numbers, and the vast majority contain planning tips and descriptions of the terrain.

Ragged boulders, some as big as a house, stack on top of each other to an elevation of 7,626 feet in Granite Mountain Wilderness, an area about eight miles away from Prescott. From the summit of Granite Mountain itself you can look across the entire city of Prescott, as well as the towns of Chino Valley and Skull Valley.

On the southwest side of the mountain a vertical cliff attracts many technical rock climbers. Hikers, horseback riders, and hunters may be found here in abundance, primarily on two main trails.  Well off the trails, over the mountain from Prescott, you may still have a chance to find Arizona solitude, but travel over the rocky outcroppings is difficult.

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