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Glacier: A Natural History Guide

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A jewel in the national park system, Glacier National Park encompasses one of the richest and most diverse natural regions in North America. The vast watersheds of the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Hudson Bay converge here, creating a dramatic landscape filled with plants and animals unique to those three basins.

In Glacier: A Natural History Guide author and naturalist David Rockwell presents in-depth descriptions of the geology, history, flora, and fauna of the park. He explains the park’s evolution from the erosion of Siberian mountains more than a billion years ago to the glaciers that gave Glacier National Park its distinctive landscape. He explores the natural history of the plants and animals of the park’s six distinct regions — the aspen parklands, the North Fork Valley, the McDonald Creek Valley, the subalpine and alpine zones, and the bodies of water. He examines the park’s great predators — grizzly bears, mountain lions, and wolves’and their complex relationship with their prey. The result is a fascinating and intimate portrait of one of the world’s last wild places.

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