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Fishing Montana

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If Big Sky country ever designates a state passion, it’s likely to be fishing. Anglers enjoy an unsurpassed wealth of fishing waters with scenic backdrops that can take your breath away. In Fishing Montana,, these waters are the topic of discussion. The voices of some of Montana’s foremost fishing guides and fisheries experts speak volumes in these pages. They suggest where to fish, when to fish, and how – the flies and lures that could make the difference between an empty creel and a good day’s catch.

Readers can also glean a better understanding of the management and conservation efforts taken to improve opportunity in a state where the angling is incomparable. The names of these rivers and lakes conjure daydreams of clear, cool water and fish rising to take a fly: the Bitterroot, the Blackfoot, the Big Hole, the Madison, the Yellowstone, and more. Fishing Montana has been updated and improved with a user-friendly format which provides details at a glance.

Whether you’re planning an afternoon or a week of angling adventures under the Big Sky, you’ll want to have Fishing Montana along for the trip.

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