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Fishing Glacier National Park

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How does an angler know when and where to fish, how to get there, and what kind of gear will reel in the catch? The answers are all here in Fishing Glacier National Park. Glacier National Park offers some of the most beautiful and exciting sport fishing in Montana. Trout, whitefish, grayling, and pike swim in the park’s pristine alpine lakes, powerful rivers, and meandering streams. In this volume, Montana angler, fishing guide, and author Russ Schneider shares his intimate knowledge of this angler’s paradise. This guide provides descriptions of more than 250 lakes, rivers, and streams within the park and answers the questions every angler asks before striking out. Look inside to find: site descriptions, including the species present and the best times to fish; tips on techniques, lures, flies, bait, and tackle; information about trails, distances, terrain, availability of campgrounds, river access, and regulations; maps and photos; an illustrated section describing the habits and habitats of Glacier’s game fish. Whether you’re planning an afternoon or a week of angling adventures, take Fishing Glacier National Park along for the trip.

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