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Custer National Forest Map – Sioux RD

The Custer National Forest Map – Sioux Ranger District produced by the US Forest Service contains the most current information on roads, trails, recreation sites, travel restrictions and contact phone numbers for the Custer National Forest.

The Sioux Ranger District of the Custer National Forest is located in the southeast corner of Montana and the northwest corner of South Dakota. The District is composed of eight separate units of Federal land and has often been described as “islands of green in a sea of rolling prairie.”

There are two classified National Landmarks on the District, the Castles and Capitol Rock. The Castles, located in the Slim Buttes Unit in South Dakota, are a massive limestone uplift that resembles a medieval castle. Capitol Rock, located in the Long Pines Unit in Montana, is a massive white limestone uplift that resembles the Nation’s capitol building.

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