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Custer National Forest Map – Beartooth Division

The Custer National Forest Map – Beartooth Division produced by the US Forest Service contains information on roads, trails, recreation sites, travel restrictions and contact phone numbers for the Custer National Forest.

The Beartooth District was its own NationalForest until 1932, when it was combined with other districts to the east to form the Custer National Forest. Its587,000-acre Beartooth District is in southcentral Montana and has some of the most spectacular high country of anyNational Forest. The District is part of the GreaterYellowstone area and boasts diverse wildlife and plant species.

The highest peaks in Montana, including 12,799 foot GranitePeak, and hundreds of lakes are in the District’s Beartooth Mountains, which are part of the 945,000 acre Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area. The Beartooth Mountains get their name from aspire the Crow Tribe referred to as Na Pet Say, or “The Bear’sTooth.”


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