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Coronado National Forest Map, Safford, Santa Catalina Ranger District

The Coronado National Forest Map produced by the US Forest Servicecontains the most current information on roads, trails, recreationsites, travel restrictions and contact phone numbers for the Coronado National Forest.

The 1.7 million-acre Coronado consists of 15 mountainranges which rise dramatically from a sea of surroundingdesert. These are sometimes referred to as “Sky Islands.” Elevations frange from 3,000 feet to 10,720 feet above sealevel, supporting vegetation communities as biologically diverse asthose encountered from Mexico to Canada. Views from thesemountains are spectacular and visitors might experience all fourseasons during a single day in the Coronado, spending the morningwandering among giant saguaros and the colorful cottonwoodtrees and playing in the snow later in the afternoon.

The map contains Rincon Mountains, Pusch Ridge, Santa Teresa, North Santa Teresa, Galiuro and Aravipa Wilderness Areas, as well as Saguaro National Park.

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