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Cibola National Forest Map, Magdalena Ranger District

At nearly 900,000 acres the Magdalena Ranger District is the largest of four mountain Districts and four grasslands administered by the Cibola National Forest. The District itself is composed of four separate and distinct mountain ranges in southwest New Mexico covering the three counties of Socorro, Catron, and Sierra. The ranges include the Datils, Bears, San Mateos and Magdalena Mountains. From the peak of South Baldy at 10,700 dropping in elevation to under 6000 feet in the southern portion of the San Mateos, varied topography and ecosystems can be found on the district. It contains the Apache Kid Wilderness, the Withington Wilderness and the Langmuir Research Area.

Applies to: New Mexico. Official Forest Service map @1/2″=1 mile scale (no topographic detail) shows all lands, roads, trails, campgrounds and other recreation sites in the Magdalena District of the Cibola National Forest. This is a perfect map for hunting in Units 13 or 17, fishing (where available), scenic driving, hiking, camping, backpacking, and horseback riding both in the forest or its Withington or Apache Kid Wildernesses. Includes the Apache Kid Withington Wilderness. Visit the National Radio Astronomy Observatory/VLA Telescope. Since 2011, this map has been printed on waterproof, tear-proof, synthetic paper.

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