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Big Game Hunter’s Guide to Wyoming

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This comprehensive guide provides the tools you need to have asuccessful hunt in Wyoming. Species covered in the guide include elk,white-tail deer, mule deer, pronghorn, moose, bighorn sheep, blackbear, and mountain lion, each with detailed information on huntingtechniques, shot placement, sign and tracks, habits and habitat,rutting behavior, and trophy dimensions. Each section of the bookdetails the corresponding Wyoming hunting regions in the state.Information for each region includes maps showing distrubution for eachspecies available, mountain ranges, federal lands, and land use, aswell as detailed information of the best hunting available. You willalso find valuable information on the state’s special permit drawingsand special regulations.From antelope in eastern Wyoming to the trophy elk in western Wyoming, Big Game Hunter’s Guide to Wyoming is the complete guide to big game hunting in Wyoming.

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