Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness Map, North Half

The Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness Map produced by the US Forest Service contains the most up-to-date information on access roads, trails, campsites, terrain, and points of interest within the Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness. All wilderness maps contain contour lines, a topographic quad index and contact phone numbers, and the vast majority contain planning tips and descriptions of the terrain.

Few places in America, and nowhere outside of Alaska, provide a Wilderness experience to match the sheer magnitude of the Frank Church-River of No Return, the second largest unit of the National Wilderness Preservation System in the Lower 48.

It is a land of clear rivers, deep canyons, and rugged mountains. Two white-water rivers draw many human visitors: the Main Salmon River, which runs west near the northern boundary; and the Middle Fork of the Salmon, which begins near the southern boundary and runs north for about 104 miles until it joins the Main. Reaching 6,300 feet from the river bottom, the canyon carved by the Main Salmon is deeper than most of the earth's canyons--including the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River--and this fast-moving waterway has been dubbed the River of No Return.

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This 2.3 million acre Idaho wilderness is carved by the Salmon River into a maze of deep canyons and rugged peaks. 101 trails are described in this edition which includes 19 new trailheads.

 "The great contribution of this book is not only to make the almost inaccessible accessible to the outdoor person, but also to permit the armchair enjoyment of someone who will explore this vast area only through Margaret’s words and eyes." – Bethine Church  

The Salmon River and its tributaries have carved the Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness into a maze of deep canyons and isolated peaks. From any high point a gigantic relief map of ridges extends to distant blue crags. The crags and ridges hide cobalt blue lakes and bubbling hot springs. 

 In most sections, the footprints you see will be those of elk and deer, not humans. 

Both popular areas like the Bighorn Crags near Challis and remote areas like the Big Creek drainage near Yellow Pine are included in the book. Several of the roads to trailheads, such as the road to Sleeping Deer and the Nez Perce Trail Road are adventures in themselves. 

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